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Yippee! Another Election.

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We have time to take a couple of deep breaths and then we will begin to prepare for our next statewide election.  The primary election for the normal fall races occurs on August 14th.  That is only 10 weeks away.

The commercials for some of those who are running as Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate seat are back on the air now, with the recall elections a thing of the past.  We have quite a few declared candidates who desire the seat being vacated by Herb Kohl.  Those are:


[ Herb Kohl (D)* - Retiring in 2012. ]
Tammy Baldwin (D) - Congresswoman, Ex-State Rep. & Ex-Dane County Supervisor
Gregory Paules (D) - Social Services Worker
Jeff Fitzgerald (R) - State Assembly Speaker, Ex-Beaver Dam City Councilman & Ex-Financial Futures Trader
Eric Hovde (R) - Hedge Fund Management Firm CEO & Venture Capitalist
George Lucia (R) - Businessman, Veteran & Tea Party Activist
Mark Neumann (R) - Ex-Congressman, Real Estate Developer, '10 Gov. Candidate & '98 US Sen. Nominee
John Schiess (R) - Retired Delivery Driver, Ex-Teacher, Vietnam War Veteran & Frequent Candidate
Kip Smith (R) - Physical Therapist
Tim Sullivan (R/Independent) - Retired Manufacturing Executive
Tommy Thompson (R) - Ex-Governor, Ex-US Health Secretary, Ex-State Assembly Minority Leader, Attorney & '08 Pres. Candidate
Dan Mastrocola (Independent) - Office/Warehouse Worker
Vittorio Spadaro (Write-In) - Frequent Candidate

The four Republicans who likely are the most viable possibilities include Tommy Thompson, Mark Neumann, Jeff Fitzgerald and Eric Hovde.  Tammy Baldwin is a virtual shoo-in as the Democratic candidate.

I am interested in seeing the first polls on this primary race between the four most likely Republicans.  The state Republican convention did not yield a candidate that got at least 60% of the straw vote so there is none in that field that have official party blessings.  The greatest name recognition has to be that of Tommy Thompson but that is not an automatic ticket to the November election.  Tommy wasn’t thought of as the most conservative Governor in his time in office, and that seems to have increased in importance on that side of the aisle since he left politics.

I will be curious to see what Eric Hovde’s money spent on commercials has done for him; he has had the most commercial exposure of any of the candidates.  He is a newcomer to politics and might be seen by some as something like Sen. Ron Johnson who holds the other seat from Wisconsin.  By the same token, neither Fitzgerald nor Neumann can be counted out; both are formidable candidates and know the political ropes.

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