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The Morning After...

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The outcome of yesterday’s election was something I had hoped would occur and something I voted for, so I am happy that Governor Walker will continue to serve as our Governor.

Among the things that I noted was the speech that Walker gave after the race had been determined; it was full of grace and contained no gloating.  The election was done and the Governor recognizes that he needs to get back to governing fulltime this morning.

The contrast between that speech and the vitriol that had flowed from too many of the opposition voices was stunning, and most welcomed.

There are many people, I’m sure, who are pondering this morning as to the message that was sent by the voters; if, indeed, a message was sent.  I think there are several things that can be concluded: 

·         We do not like recall elections that are driven over something other than misconduct in office.

·         We do like people who speak from the heart without the bombast that seemed to flow from the Democrat party senior leadership.

·         We do believe there needs be some recognition that big government must be reined in since it cannot continue to grow larger and larger without consuming too great an amount of the wealth produced annually.

·         We do recognize that public sector labor organizations’ clout had grown to a dangerous point in our state, and that we citizens not in one of those organizations wanted the ability to be heard as demonstrated by our vote.  (It is interesting that Wisconsin was the first state to permit bargaining by public employees in 1959.)

·         We believe voter ID is appropriate and that it does not keep people away from the polls contrary to those who would keep voter ID from occurring.

I hope that this last election is not the face of future elections in our state.

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