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I Don't Know About You, But...

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I don’t know about you, but…

I have grown tired of politics and campaigns.  Just a week from today, we have the opportunity to cast our votes in the recall election and then put this behind us...for a week or two.  Obviously the Presidential race will quickly ‘fill the void’ of going a week or two without listening to politicians re-shape the “truth”.

I have grown tired of the distortions, innuendos, half-truths and outright lies that are the grist for this political mill.  Those are designed for the gullible among us and, no doubt, gather some votes from members of that group.  But, this approach simply reduces the level of trust and the ability to feel good about someone rather than to cast a vote for a ‘lesser of evils’.

I have grown tired of watching televised ‘debates’ that are as boring and predictable as to be good preliminaries to sound sleep.  As I watched my least favorite candidate for Governor bait my most favorite candidate for Governor with assertions of this, that and the other terrible crimes or near-crimes, I was simply beyond words to properly describe my disgust for the process that we have tacitly sanctioned for use by those who would ask us to vote for them.

I have grown tired of the downward spiral in politics, in general, since our quest for “hope and change” seems to have gone off the road.  “Chicago-style” politics has no place in Wisconsin or in America for that matter.  We have gotten to the point where the masters of ‘spin’ seem to be revered by those who create campaigns.  Whoever can craft the words to make silk purses of sows’ ears is at the head of the class.  Truth be damned if that is what it takes to win. 

What have we permitted ourselves to become?  Are we now all to be a mini-Saul Alinsky and plot and agitate, using whatever ‘tools’ may be necessary no matter what those may be?

When all the dust has settled, no matter the outcome, I believe we must address the proper use of our right to recall people from office.  The rationale for recall must be further defined and it must be elevated to standards higher than something we just don’t like about the officeholder’s politics.  This would be of benefit to both political parties, even if they cannot comprehend that today.

We must have, I hope, learned that we can no longer trust in simple rules of good faith and reasonableness.  We must have, I hope, learned that it is no longer possible to trust to people of good faith to make reasonable decisions that are made by the majority, and then to abide by those decisions or change them when a different majority has been seated by the voting population.  We must have, I hope, learned that we truly need better-defined language that addresses the route followed by the ‘fourteen’ who chose to flee the state rather than to engage in reasonable debate.

I didn’t always approve of the ‘old politics’ and the decisions that were taken, but I have grown very tired of this new season of politics, and I suspect I am not alone in that regard.  It has now become the season of “do overs” until one side gets its way, no matter what that might create in its wake.

June 5th will tell me more about whether or not I am part of the majority or part of the minority.  I may not like the decision made by all the voters who turn out to express their opinion, but I will abide by that decision until the next scheduled elections arrive. 

Enough of this recall business!  Wounds don’t have a chance of healing if we continually pick the scabs off those wounds. 

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