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Village Buzz - April 21st

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It is now in the public domain, and no longer simply rumors in the hallways of our schools.  Eric Glass, 29 years old and a math teacher and freshman boys basketball coach is charged with sexually assaulting a 17 year old female student.  He is in jail, has been on unpaid leave from the school system since Wednesday and now faces serious prison time if convicted.

The full story is published on Germantown Now.  There were apparently three episodes resulting in these charges and, if the story is to be believed on its face, this is essentially a ‘slam dunk’ case (no pun intended).

My hope that the man wasn’t married was realized.  Beyond that, I have a deep feeling of sadness for both he and the student.  His future is forever altered.  Her immediate future is going to be difficult; she will likely reflect on the impulses that drew her to him, and he’ll think a lot about how he permitted his inner urges to get him in a heap of trouble.  There will be a lot of “What was I thinking?” going on in both lives for some time to come.

We can all learn from this unfortunate situation, as well.  We can help our children recognize the problems that come from flawed decisions.  We can be thankful that the system established in the District to detect and deal with such issues worked as well as it did.  We can be mindful that each of us needs to be tuned in to making good decisions in our own lives; that one little time when we decided to do something we knew was not quite right can be the start of a string of decisions that we regret but can never undo.

Maybe this will be a pivot point in one or both lives that turn their futures into a life of helping others avoid a similar situation.

The phrase, “there but for the grace of God” is one we ought to remember every day of our lives.  We all face temptation every day in small or big ways.  The way in which we each deal with our temptations is up to each of us; and each of us has some days we’d like to have back.

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