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Crazy Days...

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The flyer from Menard's this morning announcing another 'Crazy Days' sale made me think of the current climate in our Badger state and in our country.  We are in the midst of what is becoming perpetual 'Crazy Days' in all things political.

The classic U.S. Supreme Court ObamaCare battle in its final day prior to deliberations is a case caused by politics.  The elections in our state are into what I'd have to call hyper-political mode and show little sign of abating.  The race for the presidency is already growing old and it has only really begun; we are exposed to bold statements that are erroneous or plain false and we wait for the press to expose those errors or no avail.

'Crazy Days' indeed have taken over much of the daily news cycle in so many ways as to be almost impossible to enumerate.  Just when it seems we've reached the pinnacle of craziness in one or another area, we find the next story to be even crazier.  We seem on a quest to outdo ourselves in the craziness arena.  What seemed to be pure hyperbole a month ago is outdone today or tomorrow.  What would've not even seen the light of day in our newspapers a year ago, is now almost standard fare.  What was viewed as being too-extreme-by-half in the political arena a year or two ago is now an everyday occurrence until it is outdone a week or two from now..

For how much longer can this 'Crazy Day'-mania continue before we go over the edge and lose all track of where the bounds of reality are...or were?  I have difficulty imagining how those who are political mavens keep themselves rightside up.  Where do you go to get away from it all for a day or two?  You are fully connected 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, month-in and month-out.

Is it any wonder that candidates sometimes mis-speak?  Is it any wonder that people just tune out even though the subject is critical to them and the country?

What legacy are we leaving for our children?  Where will all this craziness be in twenty years?

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