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Another Judge Heard From...

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Circuit Judge Richard Niess of Dane County ruled yesterday on another challenge to the Voter ID law.  He didn't mess around with a 'temporary' restraining order; he issued a 'permanent' injunction.

Before going further, Judge Niess wrote a very well drafted opinion unlike the first Dane County Circuit Judge to render an opinion.

I still do not subscribe to either judge's position since I do not see how requiring a voter to present a photo identification card in any way denies the voter his or her right to vote.  There have been a ton of anecdotal points made about how often we are required to present our photo ID in everyday life.  Other than for what appeared to be a couple of dreamed-up complaints, there was no fall-out when voter IDs were required earlier this year.

I must fall back to my earlier position.  This is Dane County and these are all very liberal jurists.  Judge Neiss had indicated that he did not sign a Recall Walker petition, however one need not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier to recognize that he is very likely of the liberal persuasion.

The AG has indicated that he will proceed with all possible speed to appeal but that means the next election or two or three will likely not include the requirement for voter ID to be presented since there are several appeal steps.  That means that aliens who are not here legally will be able to vote if they've established an address.  That means that people who aren't really residents of Wisconsin can be imported to 'stuff' ballot boxes.  That means that Chicago-style politics can continue to run rampant in Wisconsin.

I understand the need for checks and balances in our system of governance, but I dislike seeing those checks and balances being used to disrupt and degrade that governance.

We seem to have reached a "new normal" and I am not at all happy about that.  This "new normal" is a crude attempt to subvert the will of the majority and to do so in any way necessary to accomplish that end.

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