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Walker Recall

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It was interesting to hear what one of the independent groups has found in its review of the 152,508 pages of signatures submitted to recall Governor Walker.

Interesting point #1:  There were only 819,233 signatures contrary to the Democrat party's ballyhooing about "over a million".  Obviously that number is a large number but far short of what was claimed in the media blitz.  The requirement is that some 540,000+ signatures must be filed (25% of the total vote in the preceeding gubernatorial election).

Interesting point #2:  Incomplete signature lines on the 152,508 pages numbered 36,127 even though the Democrat party touted that it had reviewed and culled the documents already prior to submitting the documents supposedly to be certain they had the numbers that would withstand challenges.

Interesting point #3:  14,763 signatures were dated outside the collection start date and the collection end date.

Interesting point #4:  5,356 apparent duplicate signatures were identified.

Interesting point #5:  Governor Walker has apparently committed fraud since he supposedly signed to recall himself 9 times.

This is all moot at any rate since the GAB will not accept challenges from any party other than the candidate involved.  It is moot since the GAB's solution is simply to enter names with no other identifying information so they can catch apparent duplicates (wonder if they'll catch those nine signatures by the Governor?)

I suspect that many people who are capable of reasoning rather than simply reacting have suspected there would be a lot of chicanery going on in the signature gathering process which saw imports from national Big Labor collecting signatures all across Wisconsin.

Bottom line:  Governor Walker has stated that he will not mount a challenge since he cannot get the review work done without another extension which he won't get.  If I learn that I 'signed' one of those pages, I will sue the person whose signature is on that document since that signature is fraudulent and the person attesting is subject to a felony charge.  I suspect I'd have quite a bit of company, too.

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