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Bits & Pieces - February 8th

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G'town Boys Nationally Ranked...

I had to look it up to be sure, but our Germantown Boys Varsity hoops team was ranked 7TH IN THE NATION YESTERDAY!   If you 'Google' Massey computer rankings, you'll find a national map with clickable links that'll take you there.

Congratulations again to the team and Coach Schowalter for really putting Germantown "on the map".  Coach is making a bigger and bigger name for himself.  Wonder if there might be a college-level coaching job in his future after he finishes coaching at this level and after he has his retirement cemented from the Police Department?  He'll still be a relatively young man.

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Santorum Shakes It Up...

Rick Santorum carried three states (Minnesota, Missouri & Colorado) yesterday in a big way.  Romney came in third in Minnesota behind both Santorum and Paul.  There is a long road ahead before the Republicans finally have selected their candidate.  It may be that Santorum can keep up the momentum he gets from yesterday's victories.  He is certainly a favorite of those of us who are of the conservative persuasion as he demonstrated with these wins.

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GAB Lives Up To Its Reputation...

The Government Accountability Board yesterday made it official.  The GAB will not be terribly concerned about the potential for fraudulent signatures but, instead, appears to be content with establising that there are such an overwhelming number of signers as to make any fraud miniscule by comparison.

We will likely see an extension of this line of reasoning as the four prospectively recalled State Senators file their findings by end of day tomorrow.

The Journal Sentinel-led review of signatures conducted by use of statistical sampling found some 15% of all signatures likely to be questionable, but that actually supports the GAB's line of reasoning.  I am appalled that we have become so accepting of this level of potentially fraudulent signings as to say they won't be investigated further and, thus, condoning dishonesty.  If 15% is a tolerable level of dishonesty, then we will see 20% and 25% and more become tomorrow's permissable levels.

This travesty must be abolished.  And then we need to reconstitute an agency with teeth and further insist that those teeth be used in a setting where frivilous court actions staged as 'real' are not tolerated.  We ought to be the laughing stock of our nation in the light of what we're permitting to be continued.

Time will tell.

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Rollie Bast Dies At The Age Of 91...

We moved to Germantown in 1969 and Rollie Bast's name was already familiar.  He was a succesful farmer and raised beautiful horses.  He was an auctioneer par excellance.  He was a volunteer firefighter,  a Rotary Club member, and he served on many boards.

His obituary in today's Journal-Sentinel runs over ten column inches and that attests to all the activities and accomplishments that were his in the course of his 91 years.

Our prayers are with his family in this time of reflection, mourning and celebration of a good life well-lived here on earth.

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