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What If?

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What if Newt Gingrich would not continue his slash and burn attacks on Mitt Romney?  What if Newt would put the need to remove President Obama from office above his personal, and seemingly petty, needs (compared to the public's needs)?  Would that make a difference in the polls that now seem to indicate Obama could beat Romney in the Fall elections?

What if Rick Santorum shows strongly in both Minnesota and Missouri which he seems to have a shot at doing?  What would happen to the wind in Romney's sails if he placed second to Santorum in one or both of those states?  Would that also elevate Gingrich again, and if it didn't would that mean Gingrich was done?

What if Mr. Adelson decides to quit supplying money to Gingrich, that already amounts to some $10 million?  That seems to be the only thing keeping Gingrich's campaign afloat even though his commericals 'brag' about 193,000 doners making contributions of $250 or less. 'Or less' is probably the operative portion of the preceding sentence. That would effectively kill the campaign that at times seems about to self-destruct anyway.

What if Republicans decided to quit eating their young?  Would the Republican party be any the better for that, or would it just be more of the same?  Is Reince Priebus simply sitting back and letting the candidates duke it out or is he wondering how to gain control of the process?  Is he 'in the know' so far as what will transpire at the Republican Convention?  Has he commitments for significant contributions to the actual race for the Presidency?

All these things continue to run through my mind...even though there is likely no answer to any of the questions at this point.  I have come to the point in the race where ABO is my likely choice...unless there is a political meltdown of some kind in the Republican field.  ABO is Anyone But Obama, of course.  He is going to take us much further down the road to socialism in a second term, in my opinion, and that is not a place I think we want to go.  He might get us to the point where coming back from 'the brink' is not possible, and then we are another Europe.rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

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