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Republican Roller-Coaster

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The Republican roller-coaster seems to be gaining speed as one after another of the current slate of presidential candidates has the spotlight shone on him or her.  While this is happening, President Obama is busily adding to his campaign war chest and get-out-the-vote machine.

The Iowa caucuses now seem to lean in Ron Paul’s favor but Romney and Gingrich continue to fight to overcome their respective problems.  Huntsman appears to have an opportunity to move up in the standings.  Bachmann is campaigning diligently given that she needs to score well in Iowa if she is to gain traction elsewhere.  Perry has had some good moments.

I had the opportunity to visit with friends last evening who are involved in Republican politics and there were, as I expected, several discussions concerning who was the more likely candidate to be selected to oppose the sitting President.

The conversation came down to the ‘big question’ of “who do you want to see win the Republican nomination”?  When all had answered, I re-phrased the question to this:  “If you weren’t influenced by the overriding issue of whom do you think can win, who would you select”?  The answers were different with this question.  The first question elicited Romney as the apparent winner of the Republican nomination.  The answers to the second question were scattered across three candidates.

I came away thinking that those who are intent on making President Obama a one-term president are doing so without the prospect of one person emerging as the single most popular candidate on the Republican side.  The person who emerges in that role will be the person whom the majority thinks can win rather than the person whom the majority really wants in office.  That does not bode well for Republicans.   

This season of national politics has seemed like a roller-coaster ride on the Republican side since there has been an almost continual shift in the group at the top or near the top of the polls.  There hasn't been one who gets on top and does so decisively.

The candidate that finally emerges will have a lot of work to do to repair the damage suffered in this preliminary to the real race.  Polls still show President Obama as electable against some of the field and tied or slightly behind others in the field.  It feels like we have been in this ‘campaign’ mode for a long, long time already and the real process of states selecting the person which each feels is the ‘right’ candidate has not technically begun yet.

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