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Rep. Sensenbrenner is Right

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Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R) had it right yesterday when he stated flat out during a hearing that Atty. General Eric Holder ought to be impeached if he continues to stonewall Congress on the ‘Fast and Furious’ debacle.

To believe, as Holder wants Congress to believe, one would have to assume he knew nothing about this controversial program and that is simply not possible for me when I look at his operation of the Justice Department.  He appears to be in full and complete control of that department and has been since he was appointed by President Obama.  His poor responses to the many questions that have been put to him, even though under oath, are shameful.  He has managed to be obtuse to the highest possible degree.  He is anything but ill-informed about this program.

He admits that not all his e-mails have been provided in response to the demands of Congress and he stated that he had no intention of providing any more e-mails to Congress.  That is a blatant affront to Congress and simply cannot be permitted to stand.

The idea that a program that had so many possible problems attached would not have been vetted and approved at the very highest levels is simply unbelievable.

Frankly, if Holder is telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, he ought to be impeached on the grounds that he is incapable of running a department so large and complex as is the Justice Department.  As has been said over and over, no one in that department has been disciplined for his or her actions or inactions as far as ‘Fast and Furious’.  That is tantamount to telling the world he is incapable since he is, at the very least, condoning what has been proven a terribly ill-planned and ill-thought operation that has resulted in more weapons, not fewer weapons, in the hands of drug runners and criminals in Mexico AND in the United States.

He is either lying, not telling the whole truth, or incapable of the job to which he was appointed.  In any event, any of those three choices makes him unfit for service in such a sensitive and crucial position.  That certainly calls into question the capabilities of the person who saw fit to place him in that post, and who continues to see fit by not replacing him.  

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