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We Never Know...

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Many people left their homes yesterday to drive to work; just another long day in a seeming never-ending series of long days that are interrupted by week-ends.  Then, an automobile hydroplaned on Hwy 41-45 and everything changed in the blink of an eye.  One of those people did not live to the end of that chronological day.  Several others did live but were injured, and will carry the experience with them for many days and months to come, if not forever.

The simple truth is that you and I never know what the new day holds in store for us.  It might hold great joy or it might hold great disappointment or anything between those two extremes.  In every day except the last one, we do live to the end of that day and return to the fray the following day.

But…we never know for sure that we will be around for another day, or another hour or another minute.  A much greater force than self is making those determinations for each of us.  You may label that force fate or you may label it the will of God.  The simple fact is that we never know which breath will be our last.

We never know and that means that we should be as sure as we can be that we are right with those we love, that we took the time to tell them that before we departed, and that we righted any wrongs we might have caused.  If we believe in God, then we need to be sure we are right with Him.

I don’t always succeed in this, but I really do try to tell my wife that I love her before leaving the house.  I try to leave as few open sores behind me as is possible for any person who is human and has human frailties.  I don’t always accomplish this but I try to be ever mindful that I need to continue working on this aspect of my life.

We never know for sure.

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