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Bits and Pieces for October 13th...

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NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll:

The Republican race is shifting very quickly if these poll numbers are to be believed.  The margin for error is 5.1%.

Cain is leading with 27%; Romney is second with 23%; Perry is third with 16%; Paul is fourth with 11%; Gingrich is fifth with 8%; Bachmann is sixth with 5%; Huntsman is seventh with 3%; Santorum is eighth with 1%.  The balance of people polled (6%) had no choice or were not sure.


Germantown Football televised tonight:

The Germantown vs. Homestead football game is being televised tonight on Channel 24 (WCGV) with the listing showing the start time at 7:00PM.  Maybe you can watch this game and record the Brewers vs. Cardinals game, or vice versa.


Five Wisconsin Communities Make the CNN/Money List:

The CNN/Money list of top 100 small communities in America included the following Wisconsin communities:

Middleton ranked 8th with Whitefish Bay ranked 65th, Germantown ranked 71st, Franklin ranked 94th and Oregon ranked 99th.

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