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Terrorism Threats

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As we observe the happenings of 9/11 amidst another threat that has our country wondering if there will be a strike on the tenth anniversary of the holocaust that saw the trade towers demolished, there are questions as to who and what is the greatest threat today.

There still is the potential for a threat delivered from abroad since the forces that fed the 9/11 attack continue to exist and continue to try.  Leadership has changed as our country has managed to track and eliminate several of the higher self-declared officials.  But, there is still an organization that is fomenting threats against the United States, even though we are led to believe that it is a neutered version of the former group.

Our government has taken a different approach to protecting us than did the government in place at the time of 9/11.  This government has taken the decision that we should use softer terms, new euphemisms (such a “man-caused disaster” rather than the word “terrorism”), to describe the source of the threat to our country.  It has decided to eliminate the use of threat ‘colors’ and simply have a set stage of preparedness with a supposed greater sharing of threats, and greater discussion of the validity of those threats.  We have no real means of determining if we’re better informed until after the fact when it may well be too late.

The more recent strikes against our country have come from within our county and at the hands of U.S. citizens, but still appear to have been fomented, indirectly if not directly, by the politicized (and thus perverted) side of Islam no matter how much the current government would like us to not make such assumptions or statements.

Will we be subjected to another attack at some time in the future?  It is impossible to accurately forecast, but it would be foolish of us to not recognize the very real possibility.  Will the attack to come, if it comes, be of the magnitude of 9/11?  It is impossible to forecast but it would be foolish of us to not recognize the very real possibility given weapons technology today.  Should we live in terror that this will occur?  No, we should not do that because it would be to give in to the terrorist’s very hope.  That is what terrorism is all about; it is about making us fear every day and about making us change the way we act and be frightened to emerge from our caves.

There is an attendant problem that comes, unfortunately, with ten years of relative success.  The problem is that we become complacent as individuals, and potentially as a country.  We can ill afford to let that happen.

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