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The latest in a seeming series of childish actions on the part of President Obama was destined for failure…and it did fail.

His selection, just out of the blue as he’d have everyone believe, was going to be to address the nation with whatever his next jobs plan is directly opposite the Republican Presidential Debate on Wednesday evening of next week.  The Press Secretary assured everyone this was never intended to cut into the viewership of that debate.

Thankfully, the Speaker of the House decided he’d not go along with the charade and sent a letter to the President mentioning that Wednesday night wouldn’t work for the House.  After several hours of huffing and puffing, the President finally decided he’d have to do his talk on Thursday.

That was an unfortunate choice since I’ll be watching the Packer game and I suspect many millions of other NFL fans will be watching these teams on this opening night of the regular season.  It isn’t as if we won’t be treated to excerpts for days by the mainstream media so I doubt I’ll miss anything substantive.

Had the President done a jobs speech a week or two ago, as he’s sort of been alluding to for some time now, instead of vacationing, we might have had no problem with Thursday night football.

Gallup released its latest poll this morning showing the total unemployed number at 18.5% with the seasonally unadjusted rate of just those filing for unemployment compensation standing at 9.1% again.  The President’s current plan, whatever that is, isn’t working but maybe his next plan will.

Time will tell.

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