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Much Ado About Nothing?

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I am tempted to simply dismiss the foolishness over Supreme Court Justice David Prosser as “much ado about nothing”.

But, that would diminish the real impact that was sought by his opponents in issuing the phony charges and it would make light of the very serious problems we have today in the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

This is simply the latest chapter in the fiction work being created by the very liberal faction that seeks to undermine the conservative movement in Wisconsin once and for all.  We see new chapters being written regularly.  The left-wingers have the ear, and sympathies, of the mainstream media as it performs the role of willing accomplice in each episode.

There was never anything to this “story” and most were able to see that almost immediately.  A solid job of reporting would’ve helped to unravel the farce much sooner but, of course, we cannot and should not expect anything resembling sound journalism especially emanating from Dane County, just as we shouldn’t expect even-handed justice in Dane County.

This battle will continue far into the future, and it is designed not for a momentous immediate victory but for the long-term erosion of the conservative initiatives that the left finds so terribly dangerous.  Now the Chief Justice proposes that all deliberation amongst the Justices should be open to the public.  That is not done anywhere in the other forty-nine (or is it the other fifty-six?) states nor in the U.S. Supreme Court.  Abrahamson knows this is a ‘non-starter’ but she thinks it will cast further aspersions on the conservative Justices who will almost certainly say “no way” to this latest ploy.

There is a very real problem on this Court and it is driven by two of the three liberals, both females.  The whole “Prosser” thing was a concoction designed to malign his reputation and his effectiveness.  It was created and foisted on us by those two knowing full well that they would never suffer any redress for having been the causative agents.

It is about time that the real trouble-makers are publically chastised and put on notice that their antics are not appreciated.  I won’t be holding my breath in anticipation however.

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