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Village Buzz - August 8th

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Germantown’s voter turn-out on Tuesday, August 9th may very well determine the outcome in the 8th District Senate race.  Arguably, the Germantown turn-out in the last election is what carried Sen. Darling to victory, and that high level of turn-out will be needed if she is to retain that seat.  Our community’s vote has tended to blunt other parts of the 8th District in past elections and it appears that will be needed in this election.

The amount of out-of-state money being poured into these races has been huge.  Reports indicate that nearly $8 Million dollars will have been spent by tomorrow in the 8th District races.  Much, if not most, of that money has come from national labor organizations because of the threat posed by changes made in collective bargaining rules.  It was those changes that triggered the recall effort against Republicans just as it was the Illinois Fourteen’s leaving the state for three weeks that triggered the recall efforts for three Democrats.  We hear virtually nothing about those original causative factors today as the campaigns have devolved into “tit for tat” as accusations are made and defended against.  Maintaining a message is very difficult in any campaign and especially so with this kind of 'foreign' money in play.

Sen. Darling has indicated that she did what her constituents wanted her to do, and that rings true to me.  We have a balanced budget that promises a surplus at the end of this biennium.  Spending cuts were made as is required when spending exceeds revenue.  While the collective bargaining issue originally caused the ruckus in Madison and statewide, that seemingly has largely been sidelined as an issue.  That pretty much tells me that polling has found this not to be a good issue in our state.    

We were reminded by the current minority party not long ago that “elections have consequences”, but that seems a lost message when the tables are turned.  As a conservative, I am mindful that elections do, in fact, have consequences and that this recall election has the potential for even greater than normal consequences.

No matter your political leaning, please vote on Tuesday, August 9th.

If nothing else, we owe it to the poll workers who get really bored if we’re not there in line all day long (that was supposed to be humorous).

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