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Justice For The Justices?

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We Wisconsinites are certainly making ourselves known across the land.  In the past several months, we have received more than a few “what the hecks?” from those looking in on us.

The latest attempt at self-disgrace, but probably not the last given our history, involves our Supreme Court Justices yet again.  Most of us have recognized that we have a dysfunctional Supreme Court.  I have to admit, though, that the latest “revelation” strikes me as strange.

First, I’ve never thought of Justice David Prosser as one who would resort to physical expression of dislike; he just doesn’t seem built in that mode.  He is a slightly built fellow in his late sixties not seeming prone to physical violence.  I know he has the reputation for being disagreeable but being a conservative in Dane County could explain that easily enough.

Second, I would think that a lady Justice, such as Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, would be always in control of herself as the lady she purports to be.  She is a stalwart defender of the Chief Justice but the idea that she could have been involved in a physical skirmish defies logic.  Yet that is the other side of this story according to some.

It is interesting to me, at least, that this “story” was first offered up by an alleged “activist” journalist.  There appear to be opposing views of the incident but, so far, we have heard more about the initial report than about any alternative theories.  A thorough and impartial review of the matters from the Dane County Sheriff, who has openly campaigned for the Chief Justice, will be a challenge.  I earnestly hope that he puts my concerns to rest with an even-handed investigation of all the elements in this equation.  Politics seems to almost always reign supreme in Dane County.  Time will tell…I hope.

Back to the acknowledgement that we have a dysfunctional Supreme Court: this investigation needs to proceed in an even-handed manner fully exposed to the light of day.  If Prosser proves to have been the instigator of the physical contact/threat, he needs to hang it up by resigning.  If Bradley was the instigator of the physical contact/threat, she needs to hang it up by resigning.

If the Justices were seated around a table or across a desk, unless these two were side-by-side, there would’ve been a bit of time required for the two to be in such close proximity.  One person would’ve initiated and one person would’ve responded.  Let us sort that out and then review these accusations once again.

Oh but for a Chief Justice who would be able to maintain some semblance of control and decorum.  Oh but for Justices who would be more in control of their tempers.  This is our Supreme Court and not a Kindergarten playground.

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