An Interesting Book

Published on: 5/16/2011

I have just read an interesting book titled “Heaven Is For Real”.  If you believe in heaven, I would certainly encourage you to think about reading this book.  (It might even be better for you to read this if you don’t believe.) It is a quick read and one that kept pulling me forward.

The book is written by the parents of a then four-year-old son who had an ‘out-of-body’ experience during emergency surgery.  He believed he had gone to heaven and explains, over the months and years following the occurrence, what and who he saw.  Some will view it as suspect since the boy’s father is a pastor and is a co-author.  Others will view it as suspect because it doesn’t agree with their belief system.

I found myself being challenged in some areas and feeling my beliefs confirmed in other areas.

Above all else, I found myself thinking about personal faith decisions…and that is not a bad thing for anyone to give some thought to on occasion.