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Will She or Won't She? Should She or Shouldn't She? -UPDATED

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Will JoAnne Kloppenburg decide to request a recount or won’t she?  Should JoAnne Kloppenburg request a recount or shouldn’t she?

Kloppenburg has until 5:00PM tomorrow, April 20th to make her decision known.  The 7,316 vote margin is less than the 0.5% that triggers a state-paid recount if a candidate requests that a recount be conducted.  All the attorneys and other hangers-on would be paid by the respective campaign organizations and those costs would be huge (as in multi-millions) given the big-name attorneys and the billable hours that would be involved.

On the one hand there is ample history that suggests such a recount effort would be futile and would not change sufficient votes to even get close to overturning the outcome as we know it today.  The lead of 7,316 votes is so high that a recount that changes a ballot here and a ballot there, historically, has no chance of changing the outcome.

Of course, this decision is somewhat clouded as the result of the Waukesha County Clerk’s failure to capture and save the 14,000+ votes from Brookfield.  The reality of that situation is that those votes were properly cast and were simply improperly recorded initially.  Brookfield Patch reported the correct numbers early on the morning of the day following the election and those were dead-on.

All that having been said, she has the right to request a recount.  No one denies that is the case.  Then we might ask what she would hope to accomplish by demanding a recount?  She could, of course, hope for some miracle that would result in flipping more than 7,300 votes to her side of the ledger even though that is almost an impossibility.  But, there is also another motive that she might be driven by, and that is pure and simple delay of the inevitable to cause as much disruption to the Walker government as is humanly possible.

We do know that Dane County courts have already been used to thwart changes whether or not they ultimately prove to have had jurisdiction.  If Kloppenburg could demand a recount simply to continue the ‘slow walk’ of Walker’s initiatives, might she do that knowing that she would be seen as a modern day folk hero by those on the left of the issues?

Whether or not she should demand a recount, I will not be at all surprised if she does just that even though she would understand she’d not gain the seat as the result.

We’ll know by this time on Thursday morning.

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We didn't have to wait too long.  At 4:00PM on Wednesday Ms. Kloppenburg announced that she was requesting a statewide recount and that she was further asking for an investigator to be appointed to investigate the 'irregularities' in Waukesha County.

I suspect this is a blocking or delaying action.  There has apprently been a case or two where a recount was drug out for so long that the victor was prevented from taking the office for a lengthy period of time.  Whether or not that would apply in this case, she is going to stretch this out for so long as possible.

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