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Roller Coaster Ride

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The election races yesterday provided some interesting looks at various communities.  Our trustees who were challenged all survived their races.  We have a new school board member.

We may or may not have a new Supreme Court Justice with just 585 votes separating the two after some 1,400,000 total votes were cast signifying a roughly 33% turn-out in a typical 20% turn-out election.  Since the virtual tie (with Justice Prosser now the leader but with changes almost certain) was within ½ of 1%, the recount will be funded by the state although it isn’t automatic.  One or both candidates will need to make a formal request, if they’ve not already done so.

While I lament the current state of affairs in our state after the shenanigans in Madison, I must admit that it seems we’re more tuned in today than we were a year ago today.  I was surprised when I was voter #480 in the 3rd district yesterday late-morning.  A year earlier I was #74 at close to the same time.  That told me we were in for a bigger turn-out and that is wonderful in our representative form of government.

Justice Prosser’s current term runs into August, so we are still have a functioning (some would dispute that term) Supreme Court.  I now wonder if we’ll see Dane County’s Judge Sumi continue her delaying tactics trying to wait out the recount or if she’ll actually try to get this case behind her.  The idea that she has given the parties until late-May to get their briefs in order and filed is obviously meant to delay these proceedings since two weeks would’ve been sufficient given the case particulars.  Could she really have thought she could make this case drag on until late-August when she might’ve hoped for a friendlier Supreme Court that included a Justice Kloppenburg?  Anything is possible in Dane County as we’ve come to understand.

It is time for Judge Sumi to become the judge she was elected to be, an impartial judge wanting to see justice served in as efficient a manner as possible.  She has been anything but in the past few weeks.  Of course she is in Madison, the most liberal bastion in our state, and one that rivals Boulder, CO and San Francisco, CA in terms of political leanings.

Continued delay will do little but cost us taxpayers a lot more money given the state debt that needs to be dealt with quickly.  Of course, these delays probably will happen over and over again if this is the delaying tactic the Dems plan to use throughout Walker’s governorship.

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