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Vote on Tuesday!!

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We have another election tomorrow, as if you didn’t know.  We almost seem to be in perpetual election mode these days.  Given the efforts to recall people, the elections could well become a year round activity…that is a daunting thought.

We have school board positions up for decision tomorrow.  We have village board positions up for decision tomorrow.  We have a Supreme Court race that is to be decided tomorrow, as well.

Each of these races is important.  We have the opportunity to keep things the same by re-electing those already in the position, or we can make changes by electing the newcomer.  We can vote for or against someone or we can just vote against someone.  We can only vote for someone who is actually on the ballot.  We can also vote against someone who isn’t on the ballot.

The Supreme Court race is one in which people have been campaigning for one candidate because they say it will actually be a vote against Governor Walker if she is elected.  That seems something of a stretch even though I get the thought since she has already told us that she will keep Walker in her thoughts as she makes decisions on cases before her and since she would likely change the complexion of the Supreme Court.

That, while it may make for a good campaign theme, is not the way we ought to be approaching the vote tomorrow.

The winner of the Supreme Court race takes office for a ten-year term.  Many things will be brought before the Supreme Court during the next decade.  We need to be sure we have elected the best person, not just someone who has a grudge and who has made that the backbone of her candidacy.  She is an attorney but she has been largely limited to handling court cases on behalf of the DNR.  Her opponent has been on this Court for over twelve years and has demonstrated that he will vote against his former political persuasion when that is indicated by the case before him.  He is as close to apolitical as can be from my perspective.  That, frankly, is why he tends to be the critical member of this court.

He is being painted as a bit of a ‘hot head’, and yet he comes across as very mild mannered and well-reasoned every time I’ve heard him speak.  I can only imagine the provocation he had received at the hands of the Chief Justice to have made him use the “B” word directed at her in a closed door session (which was conveniently leaked by someone during this campaign).  The Chief Justice essentially runs the Supreme Court, and she has the responsibility to be sure it is well-run.  She needs to rule with an even hand, and it doesn’t appear that is the case when she finds herself in the minority.  She has been vindictive in my opinion.

The election tomorrow is vitally important to the future of our state.  I believe the correct vote is for Justice Prosser.  You may agree or disagree with me, but you are entitled to your opinion and to your vote.  I encourage you to vote whether or not you agree with me.  Let’s see if we can get more than one of every five voters to turn out.

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