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A Most Critical Election on April 5th...

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Among the most important races to be decided on April 5th is that for the open Supreme Court spot in Wisconsin.  That seat is now held by David Prosser who has been in the seat for more than twelve years.  He is being challenged by JoAnne Kloppenburg, an avowed liberal who is campaigning on her ability to thwart Governor Walker and the Republican Legislative branch.

The Supreme Court races are supposed to be non-partisan.  Everyone knows, of course, that the people who run are typically members of one or the other of the two major parties in the state.    Usually, though, party banners are not unfurled at every opportunity.  Kloppenburg is running counter to that norm.

The new court will be even more important in the next several years since it will see virtually everything that is passed by the Republican-dominated legislature and signed by the Republican Governor coming before it on appeal.  The Democrats will very likely carry everything they have lost on into the court system since they truly believe that legislating by court order is an effective tool when without power otherwise.  That is not, of course, illegal, but it is something that seems always to be used by the Democrats and seldom by the Republicans.

I have made no effort to conceal the fact that I am conservative; I’ve also made no effort to conceal the fact that I am not a member of the Republican Party.  Among my reasons for permitting my former membership to lapse several years ago was the fact that Republicans can’t seem to get to the point of fighting the opposition in the same way the opposition fights them; thus the Republicans are always on the outside looking in on such matters.

I am admittedly biased as I’ll demonstrate momentarily if I’ve not already done so.

I will vote for David Prosser on April 5th and I urge you to do likewise.  That race will be heavily slanted toward the Kloppenburg side since she will have benefit of major outside advertising dollars that, so far at least, do not seem to be available for the Prosser campaign.  That is another burr under my saddle for the Republican Party.  It simply has not done anything amounting to a good job to assist Prosser. 

It is no secret that we have a somewhat dysfunctional Supreme Court at the moment.  That dysfunction has inured to the benefit of conservative causes to date.  Prosser’s re-election will give us the best possibility for more four to three decisions favoring the conservative view of the world.  He, by the way, is being vilified as the cause of the dysfunction and that is bogus.  The Chief Justice can be given and should receive the lion’s share of the blame for the behavior of this court.

It is important that you vote and that you encourage everyone you know to do likewise.  These spring elections are typically very low in total votes.  That means that the party that can “get out the vote” will likely win the battle.

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