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Coming Visit to Madison

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Capitol access in Madison is a bit different these days than in the past.  I will be part of a group meeting in Madison on Wednesday.  Those sessions include visits with, in my case, Sen. Darling and Assemblyman Knodl.

I was curious to know if we’d be able to have access to those people and the response I received from the meeting organizer was this:

“Al! Visits continue in the Capitol with legislators and their policy staff for both parties. The Senate may also be on the floor, though likely without the Dems. The process is for a constituent to hand their business card to the security people outside the Assembly or Senate wing of the Capitol. The card then is taken up to the legislator’s office and staff comes down to meet the constituent and take them up to the office.

Fortunately we have 45 minutes scheduled to meet with each legislator (45 minutes for the Assembly Rep and 45 for the Senator) so it should work out.

Admittedly these are unique times here in Madison but now, more than ever, legislators need to hear from their small business/employer constituents!”

I was happy to learn that we would have access, but, frankly, I was disappointed that several hundred protesters were permitted to sleep overnight in the Capitol in spite of the police advising they’d clear the building by 4:00PM yesterday.  These are very likely not Wisconsinites, but those who were imported to continue the protest after our citizens had their protest days and returned to teach or police or man a desk in a government office.

The big question is whether or not the Democrat senators will return or continue their absences.  It may well be that neither side has found its “end game”.  This stand-off could continue for many more days.  I believe that a thirty day absence would permit the person to be removed and special elections called.  I doubt that we will see that but our state runs a real risk when it cannot function properly.  There will be layoffs that might’ve otherwise been avoided.  There are realities that no amount of political posturing will negate, and we all suffer no matter our party affiliation or lack of affiliation.

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