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Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?

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Have we been part of the solution or part of the problem in Egypt?  Maybe the answer is yes; maybe we have been both part of the solution as well as part of the problem.

Our country has seemingly had a case of schizophrenia as it worked to resolve its position on the current crisis in Egypt.  We have sent mixed signals as this crisis has unfolded and morphed over the past few days.

We may’ve fueled the continuing demonstrations when we said the problem needed to be resolved quickly after Mubarak said he’d not stand for re-election in the fall and wanted to help with an orderly transition.

The unrest across that part of the world is a real challenge for us.  We want to protect Israel and we want to show that we’re supportive of countries that desire to be out from under dictatorships.  We had the opportunity a few months ago to help those in Iran who were demonstrating in the streets as they tried to take back their country.  We chose to avoid getting involved at that time.

We have a real mess on our hands, and these back and forth positional changes do not do us much good.  On the one hand, we confuse those who thought they could rely upon our country for support as they worked to gain their freedom.  On the other hand, we confuse those who thought they were allied with us and who were trying to abide by our wishes.

Do we have such a fluid foreign relations strategy that it changes from one week to the next?  Is the world so confusing to our diplomats and policymakers that we can’t quite find the right place to be?

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