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Rein-In The Regulators

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We are governed in a stealthy manner by an ‘alphabet soup’ of government agencies, bureaus, commissions and departments.  These units of government have rule-making powers and use those powers to regulate off the radar screen in large part.  For a lengthy list, click here.

The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) continues to take over large tracts of property all across the Western states making that property off limits for mining and the harvesting of trees.  For example, 60% of the land in Utah is under Federal control right now.

The DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) is writing the rules that apply to our health care and making decisions that we know nothing about until we become subjected to those rules.  These rules impact things we think sound pretty good, such as limiting insurance plan rate increases to 10% per year (which ignores the economic realities that exist in health care financing today).

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) just put the new ‘net neutrality’ package into place by a three-to-two vote on purely political party lines.  Net neutrality is anything but what its title portrays.

The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) just ruled that Avastin will no longer be classified as a permissible drug in the treatment of breast cancer at almost the same time that the Europeans gained access to that drug.

None of the people who run these units of government were elected.  These are all appointed positions. How do we gain any control over these agencies and bureaus and commissions and departments?

Each of these entities requires funding from the tax dollars we feed to Washington.  The budget bill, which didn’t happen in the 111th Congress, gives the power of the purse to Congress with which it has the ability to fund or de-fund each such agency, bureau, commission and department.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), who lives in Janesville, will be an instrumental figure in the development of the new Federal budget since he will be installed as the Chair of the Budget Committee when the 112th Congress is seated.

The people who pay the bills, us, can take control back if we will but let our desires be known.  The budget will be difficult since there is simply insufficient money to fund everything that needs funding.  Let’s take the dollars away from the renegade ‘alphabet soup’ entities and stifle their power grabs until we can revamp our Federal government.

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