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Hostage Takers?

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I have tired greatly of the mainstream media making every possible effort to convince us that the Republicans wanted to ‘cut’ taxes and cause all kinds of bad things to happen to deserving people; they lost sight of the fact that the Democrats actually wanted to raise taxes since the change they espoused would’ve removed the tax reductions in place for nearly a decade.

Some of us are actually not able to discern the difference and it is to those people the press was aiming its erroneous diatribe.  I seem to recall a time when the press wasn’t so biased in favor of one party, even though it has primarily been a left-leaning press for many years.

That having been said, it would’ve been great had the Republicans wanted to cut taxes because that has historically increased the revenues received by the government.  But, the media tends to work as diligently to obscure that result, too.

I learned about the government and the constitution and the way things really work in the Civics classes that I received in school.  I wonder if our students now emerge from their formal education with even a smattering of understanding about how things really function.  Curriculum changes have been constant over the years.  I fear that those changes may’ve been unduly influenced by the liberal persuasion that seems to permeate our educational institutions today.

Now, of course, the press is enjoying re-running President Obama’s quote about dealing with “hostage takers”.  Had that been a ‘President Bush’, we’d have heard a much different press take, don’t you think?

Really, I am not so naïve as to think this is all going to change so that the press is truly unbiased.  But, I cannot abide remaining silent about such a travesty of fairness.

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