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Isn't It Fitting?

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Isn’t it fitting?

Over the week-end our Governor Doyle signed an agreement with the Feds to lock in the spending of $810 Million on a “high-speed” train proposed for the Milwaukee-Madison corridor.  Today we go to the voting booths in Wisconsin and across the country and all signs indicate that the public will register its feeling of having been played the fool by our politicians by “throwing the bums out” as the old saw goes.

We have one candidate for governor that favors the high-speed train and one candidate that has stated that he’ll kill that train.  It appears that the next governor will be the one who told us he’d kill the train, and it has appeared that would be the case for several weeks.

Just coincidentally, of course, this deal is cut over the week-end with a very quiet signing of an agreement that the Feds and Governor Doyle believe lock us taxpayers into this boondoggle.  We’re told, of course, that the timing was not driven by the politics of the situation.

There are many such examples of political abuse but this just happens to be timed almost as perfectly as one could ask.

Maybe, just maybe, we will demonstrate that we haven’t lost interest in how and by whom we’re governed.  Maybe, just maybe, we’ll demonstrate that those we send to Madison and to Washington must remember for whom they work even in a representative form of government.  We pick them because they seem to epitomize our own belief systems.  When they demonstrate they cannot be trusted to represent us as they told us they would, we make changes.

Today I suspect we’ll be making wholesale changes and that will resound through the halls of state and federal government for a while…before they think we’re no longer paying attention.  Maybe, just maybe, we will have finally learned that we must stay engaged with our political leaders throughout their terms.

We will have to wait for a bit to see what this new crop of political leaders will do for us, or do to us, but I hope that we will watch them more closely to remind them of what they told us they’d do when it seems they’ve forgotten.  In that respect, we do get what we deserve if we do nothing about the wayward votes and the hollow promises.

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