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Is Technolgy Great or What?

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The marketplace for television sets has been wild over the past few years.  I am still using a Sony ‘almost’ flat screen monster that must weigh at least 350 pounds.  It gives us a very sharp picture.   Seemingly all of a sudden, I see flat screen plasma and LCD and LED sets that appear to weigh 25 or 30 pounds and that are a couple of inches thick.  I see people carrying these things out of the store and placing them in their vehicles without a team of two or three people helping.

Last week or so, I walked through Costco and saw a demo of a three-dimension television set that I saw through special glasses that had been set up in front of that unit.  It actually did show a third dimension although one had to concentrate to see it.  Now, I have to admit that, as a kid, I watched an early television set that had a round tube, and that we used to place a piece of semi-transparent plastic on the tube thinking the red/blue/green colors in the plastic sheet were giving us color television.  That was the first set that my parents owned and it was a really big deal at the time.

This morning I read that Toshiba has just introduced a true three dimension flat screen set that requires no glasses.  It is available for now in a 12” and a 20” version.  I don’t know the price tag but I’ll bet it is up there…for now.

That’s the other thing that has been happening in the television set business.  The prices have been cascading down as manufacturers fight to reduce their production costs to be more competitive in the marketplace.  Companies that were once a force are gone; forced out of the business because they couldn’t compete at the price point that existed.

And, the producers of flat screens are able to make larger and larger screens at reasonable prices.  The LED technology is quite interesting.  If we were in the market for a new set today, I guess I’d be looking at either the LCD or the LED sets.

I had better hurry though.  Just when I think maybe I know what to purchase, something newer and crisper and lighter appears and the process starts all over again.  Technology continues to evolve at a breath-taking pace.

A few days earlier I read of the flexible thin film displays that are now possible.  These displays can be used for entertainment and computers and are capable of being rolled up for storage.  They are literally just a fraction of an inch in thickness.  I’m afraid to wonder what might be next…but I know there is something being developed somewhere that will make me wonder all over again.

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