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Village Buzz - September 22nd

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Trash Container Size Debate:

The new recyclable trash containers are apparently going to be distributed soon; some may already be out.  There has been debate over the 96 Gal. vs. 64 Gal. containers with some people desiring the smaller containers.  The Village Board brought this subject up during its meeting on June 7th.

A motion was made to approve what was termed Option #3 that called for distribution of 96 Gal. containers with biweekly pick-up.  That motion carried after much discussion about the size of these containers.  It was said during debate that the footprint is identical to the current containers.  Given subsequent debate and vote, it was determined that condominium boards would be given the right to decide on either the 64 Gal. or 96 Gal. containers and that their decisions would be followed by Waste Management.

There was a further effort on a motion by Art Zabel to permit non-condominium residents the right to determine which of the two sizes they would receive.  That was defeated.

Given a newspaper article that seemed to indicate residents had a choice, I tried to request a 64 Gal. container for the simple reason that we’d not fill even that in a two-week span of time and we felt that it would take up less space.  I never received a response to my inquiry from anyone in the Village hierarchy.

A few days ago, I was advised by a reader that there was a list of some 13 or 14 people that had been approved for the smaller containers.  I received a copy of that list yesterday and learned that one of the 14 residents who are apparently going to get the smaller container is Trustee Art Zabel.  I am happy for him, but unhappy that I didn’t have the same rights that he appears to have.  In inquiring, I was told that Waste Management was the only entity that could determine who would be eligible for the smaller containers, and yet the Village kept the short list and turned it over to Waste Management a few days ago.

So it seems that the Village did maintain a list that I wasn’t aware of until it was too late.  I do not know how the other thirteen people got their names on this list, although a couple appear to live in Mr. Zabel's neighborhood, and I do not begrudge them that advantage; I simply think that each resident ought to have had the opportunity to determine which of the two sizes might be more appropriate.  Either that or every resident ought to receive the same container, even the condominium residents who claimed to have too little room for the containers.  I suspect that many of us would’ve opted for the 64 Gal. containers had we been given the right to decide for ourselves.

The person at Waste Management who is responsible for the distribution of these containers is apparently on an extended medical leave according to his voicemail message.

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