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Another "New Coke"?

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The Democratic Party yesterday announced its new logo.  Click here to see that new logo.

My first reaction was…Huh?  My second reaction was…Is this going to be similar to the “New Coke” marketing fiasco of some years ago?

This appears to be a re-branding ‘thing’ that is supposed to give the Democratic Party new life and vigor as the fall elections are but six weeks away.

It just leaves me flat.  President Obama ran on the “Hope and Change” mantra, and that hasn’t been working out too well to this point from my perspective.  For the Democratic Party to “opt in” to the “Change That Matters” slogan seems to be an invitation to being ridiculed.  The change experienced so far by the country has mattered.  It has mattered a lot.

This logo seems to be a distant echo of the Howard Dean scream that derailed his political fortunes for a while.

I still wonder if we might not see a roll back of this logo just as we saw a roll back of the “New Coke” soft drink a few months after its unsuccessful and inauspicious launch.

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