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Post-Primary Thoughts...

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Post-primary thoughts abound, but chief among them is this: we have likely entered the seven most aggravating weeks in our lives.

We will be subjected to some of the nastiest campaign commercials one could think of, and they may well come from both sides of the political aisle.  It is too bad for us that nasty commercials work.  When politicians find themselves on the low end of the poll numbers, they seem, almost to a person, to feel it necessary to get down into the gutter and slime their opponent.

There were barely-true advertisements during the primary; those will most likely proliferate in the coming month and one-half.  There were some outright prevarications; those will most likely proliferate in the coming month and one-half.  There are those who really pay virtually no attention to politics but who still vote.  The untrue commercial might well be the only one those people saw, so they tend to have an influence when we would think they could not possibly be believed.

The mainstream media will be working diligently to get the liberal message out.  The right-leaning radio outlets will be countering that message as best they can.  Those right-leaning radio outlets played a big part in yesterday’s results in Wisconsin.  The Kleefisch win was heavily influenced by those radio shows.

My gut tells me that there is a move to the right at play this election season.  That is likely, if true, part of the reaction to President Obama’s first eighteen months or so in office.  I don’t think such a reaction is terribly unusual; there have been other examples of such shifts that have occurred where significant changes in the balance of power have been seen.

The Wisconsin political scene appears poised for significant change.  I think that the governor’s office is Walker’s to lose, and I doubt that he’ll lose it.  I think that Johnson will give Feingold everything he could want and then some and win that senate seat.  The possibility of a Republican in the “Obey” seat no longer seems just a dream.  It may be possible that Ron Kind will get a chance to spend more time with his family, although Kapanke is a bit of a wild card.  Rep. Kagen appears to have his hands full with that Republican ‘roofer’ who is dogging his trail.

Nationally, there were some ‘surprises’ for incumbents and those tend to have been as the result of the dastardly ‘tea party’ people.  There is more unrest politically than the current power party would wish to admit.

All-in-all, we have an interesting election season upon us.

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