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My Primary Picks...

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Not that you’re interested, but…

My picks in the Tuesday primary election for major contested offices are as follow:

U.S. Senator –

Ron Johnson is the person whom I believe will help to get the Senate back on the track even though his will be but one vote out of one hundred.  The tides seem to be indicating that there will be more Republicans in the next Senate than there are today, and that suggests to me that we’ll have a 'less-government-is-better-government' approach to public policy.  Johnson is a successful businessman, he has made payroll for many people for many years.  He has created jobs and he has created wealth.  He knows what it is about.  It is way past time for us, as a country, to return to the time of our forefathers when the United States was run by common folk who took time from their lives to serve their fellow citizens.  As we have created a “ruling class”, we have watched our freedoms erode; it is way past time for us to begin the course correction that appears on the immediate horizon.

Wisconsin Governor -

Scott Walker is the person whom I believe has the best chance of making the systemic changes that we need in our state.  He may be a ‘career’ politician from his opponents’ point-of-view, but he has been very effective in his role in Milwaukee County.  Contrary to what the anti-Walker ads would have you believe, Scott Walker has been a force in keeping Milwaukee County as well-run as it has been for these past many years.  Without his effective guidance and opposition to foolish spending, Milwaukee County would be in much worse condition than it is today.  Given the County Board’s propensity for finding new ways to spend, Walker has forced them to at least curtail those lusts to some degree.  He has been in the minority and yet has gotten the job done.

Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor –

Rebecca Kleefisch is the right person for the job of Lieutenant Governor; whether there is a need for that position or not is arguable.  This job may serve as a future spring-board for the Governor’s slot, and she gives me a good feeling as a conservative.  She is, of course, married to a legislator and has lived in that world for years.  She has been a news person for years before this, and is sufficiently aware of the political process in our state.  She is a mother, a communicator by profession, and a conservative.  That warrants my vote.  She has a particularly strong opponent in Brett Davis; my problem with him is his predisposition to favor the ethanol boondoggle.

Wisconsin Treasurer -

Scott Feldt is my pick for the Treasurer’s office.  He has served in staff positions in that office under Republican governors in the past and is well-qualified for the role.  He is a conservative and has real world experience to temper the political experience.  The current Treasurer has not been the pillar of efficiency according to many critics.  Scott Feldt will help to put this functional office back on all four wheels, will not be hiring family members to take on expensive trips, and will very likely have a more harmonious staff relationship than is the case at present.

* * * * *

No matter your favorites, get out tomorrow and cast your ballot.  Voting is among the most important things we can do as citizens.  It takes but a few minutes and has lasting implications for the community, the county, the state and the country.

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